Cryptocurrencies are recorded as transactions on the Blockchain unlike the Physical currencies. The Cryptocurrency wallet software allows users to earn, monitor and transfer virtual currencies and is a requisite for its effective exchange. If you send Cryptocurrency to a wallet, it means the ownership is signed off to a dedicated wallet address.

We provide support for different types of Crypto wallets:

  • DeFi Wallet: With institutional grade security, it provides users complete control over their Private keys and Funds
  • Desktop Wallet: It is an effective and safer way of storing Cryptocurrencies. It is also a type of cold storage method.
  • Centralized Wallet: User’s private keys are kept safe with us. Legitimate transactions are ensured through whitelisting of wallet addresses
  • Coin specific Wallet: We support single currency wallets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB for smooth operations of your Business
  • Multi-currency Wallet: You can store multiple virtual assets at a single place securely which supports large number of Cryptocurrency or tokens
  • Mobile Wallet: With increased penetration of Mobile devices, we ensure a smooth trading experience with iOS and Android platforms with secure and trending features
  • Web Wallet: A self explanatory wallet service which is highly secure and supports multiple virtual currencies.

Why choose us for managing Cryptocurrency Wallet development?

We provide the best and most secure services for:

  • Generating and managing Private keys
  • Generating mnemonic phrases
  • Generating wallet address to transact with Cryptocurrencies
  • Checking transaction history
  • Monitoring Crypto balances
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