Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract is a Computer Program stored on Blockchain that automates a workflow, triggering the next action when conditions are met. These actions could include releasing funds to the appropriate parties, registering a vehicle, sending notifications, or issuing a ticket.

This does not require any intermediary and also saves money and time.

Our process includes:
  • Gathering the Requirements
  • Design the technical documents, Architecture and Milestones
  • Detailed development in the form of alpha, beta and Production candidates
  • Prioritizing and deployment of Smart Contract backlogs on main network

Benefits of Smart Contracts
  • Since it is automated, it offers error free functioning
  • It is highly secured through Cryptography and encryption technology and stored on the Blockchain making it almost impossible to tamper with
  • It saves money by eliminating intermediaries
  • It is self-executing in nature and speeds up the tasks

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