Ecommerce as a platform for doing Online Business has already shown its power to change not only the Company but also the Country’s economy. Integrating the Power of Blockchain with Ecommerce will bring more efficiency and transparency to the System. The adoption of Blockchain technology in Ecommerce allows you to buy/sell digital assets and NFTs with secured Crypto Payments.

Smart Contracts drive the supply chain management which avoids any flaws in the intermediates and offer a secure, reliable procurement system. The real-time tracking of Products and Transactions is improved by the enhancement of RFIDs.

Benefits of Blockchain in the Supply Chain Management:

  • Automating the Purchase Process which are governed by Smart Contracts. Once the conditions are agreed upon by the parties, the preprogrammed Smart Contract executes the transaction automatically
  • Securing the Supply Chain by attributing a tag to each Product in the Blockchain. This consists of details about the Product’s origin, Production details and ownership
  • Ensure tamper proof transactions and traceability of flows and goods on the Blockchain
  • Improving transaction flow by reducing the validation times between Providers and Clients
  • Easy Procurement by understanding customer’s interests and requirements to plan the supply of goods to reach the right place at the right time

Our Ecommerce platform on Blockchain provides the following Features:

  • We provide a wide range of options with Complete Customization for your platform from our technology stack
  • We offer the Ecommerce platform services under multiple blockchain networks that offer the unique benefits of each network
  • Our services also include cross-chain connectivity for the platform to connect with Multiple Blockchain networks
  • Security is our utmost priority for managing the anonymity of your transactions and storing all your data in encrypted form
  • The platform can also be developed under Ethereum or Binance Layer 2 solution with increased throughput and less gas fee.
  • We also help with the Fundraising and Marketing of your Platform which offers instant Financial support with IEO, IDO and fundraising models. We attract sovereign investors to your platform across the Globe

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