Decentralized and open-source technologies like Blockchain have given new dynamics to the Open Finance economy with the help of Smart Contracts. For various Services like Crypto Exchanges, Lending, Borrowing, Insurance, Tokenization and Asset trading, power has moved away from Central Authorities

The Smart Contracts are the driving force of all Dapps and are employed in all DeFi protocols. Smart Contracts are built on the Blockchain and make the need for middlemen obsolete. These are fully secure and accurate since the functions are preprogrammed and autonomous

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Some of the various use cases of Smart Contracts are:

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange: Smart Contracts negates the need for an intermediary
  • Defi protocols and Dapps: Smart Contracts are the driving force behind the open finance system which saves time and improves efficiency
  • Crowdfunding: Gives complete control of funds to contributors
  • Supply chain management: Items can be tracked with full traceability and transparency
  • Financial Data Recording: Accurate and transparent data integration, reducing automating costs
  • Insurance: Helps in automating claims and resolving disputes with proof
  • Escrow: Authenticates and improves trust in Escrow fund transfer
  • Mortgage System: Makes the Processes fast and effective by automating all operations

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