Decentralized Finance is an Open Finance system has gained a lot of traction these days. Decentralized Applications are not governed by any central authority. All data for Dapps are stored on a Public Ledger where transactions can be viewed and are supported by Smart Contracts. They are deterministic in nature as they work how they are programmed irrespective of external circumstances. The speed of transactions is unparalleled since there is no intermediary like Payment Gateways.

Some of the main benefits are trust, data immutability and scalability. They are also interoperable which means one Dapp can be built on another using one single source which is also known as Money Legos.

Various Services and Protocols that are enabled with Dapps, which you can plan on launching to expand your Business

Lending and Borrowing Platform

Yield Farming

Liquidity Mining

Stable coins

Decentralized Finances



Wrapped Bitcoin


Prediction Markets

Money Legos

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