Dapps Development

Dapps are a growing movement of Applications that use Ethereum to disrupt business models or invent new ones. These are decentralised Applications i.e. a P2P network of computers that run on Smart Contracts. The blockchain network allows businesses and developers to create any number of Dapps and Smart contracts they want.

We provide the following benefits with our Dapps development service:
  • Security
  • Immutability of Data
  • No or Zero Downtime
  • Honesty: Making sure our words match our deeds
  • Passion: Loving what we do, doing what we love
  • Improvement : And continuously bring it all up a notch

Monetise your Dapps
  • Launch your own utility token on ERC-20 following all the required compliances related to AML, GDPR and KYC
  • Commission based revenue model for both users and the Business owners
  • Freemium service where you can define which services in your Dapp can be provided for free and which services need to be subscription based
  • Create Smart Contracts for Companies to advertise
  • Donations from generous users who like your Business idea and would like to contribute for further development of your Project

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