Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset secured through Cryptography technology and developed to work as a reliable medium of exchange. After the success of Bitcoin, numerous other Altcoins have become a popular choice for investment where they can be used as part of a business ecosystem. We at Armoney Technologies will help you create custom software or integrate a legacy system with your new Cryptocurrency and help use it as utility tokens or security tokens.

Utility tokens have various use cases that allow users to purchase products or services, usually with discounts and we also provide the launchpad to raise funds.

IEO Marketing

We provide the most effective strategies for social media campaigns and marketing, PR and SEO for your website.

IEO Development

Launch your Project from conceptual design to a Product that can easily become part of the DeFi Landscape.

Smart Contract Audit

We make sure the Smart Contract is performing as expected, prevent security breaches and hacking.

Cryptocurrency Development

Virtual Assets is the future that will drive the financials of a Business in a secure and reliable way. We provide services that target the ever-changing Industry landscape

Cryptocurrency Legal Services

We help draft precise Legal entities, frameworks and documents to provide robust legal services for a Cryptocurrency Exchange or for launching your own coin/token.

Crypto Mining

We use the latest technologies and hardware to process and authenticate the transactions for mining Bitcoin and Altcoins

Smart Contracts Development

We help develop self-executing digital contracts to automate processes, transactions, and agreements, helping to reduce costs without the need for an intermediary

How to create your own Cryptocurrency?

Brainstorming and Whitepaper: We explain all the technicalities of your project by focusing on the right details and showing the vision to potential investors

IEO Marketing and Dashboard Setup: We deploy various marketing strategies and develop community support through Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other popular Social Media Platforms

IEO Launchpad: We provide the services for presale and private sale of your Cryptocurrency at a predetermined price to investors and also help with Exchange Launch

Wallet setup and coin drops: Drop the bought, allotted amount of tokens to your investors’ white-labeled Web and Mobile wallet

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