We help you create a secure and reliable Crypto Payment Gateway service integrated with Hot and Cold wallets. Get your own customized single or multi-currency secure Mobile wallet for robust use. We provide multiple payment options like QR Code, NFC and URL. We also help infuse liquidity from trusted Exchanges and third-party liquidity providers.

You need to open a Merchant account to start accepting Crypto Payments immediately. Convert the Cryptos received into Fiat anytime through Merchant’s payment service provider or a Crypto Exchange.

With Defi Crypto Payment Gateway, we give users have complete control over their funds through Private keys which ensures open and transparent Financial system.

What we provide?

  • Fast Transaction times with user-centric gateways
  • Multiple Payment options via Credit/Debit card, wire-transfer or other stable coin pairs
  • Integrate Multiple Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum or BSC for Payment options
  • Seamless conversion so users can easily convert their fiat into Crypto for Payments
  • Data Security with sophisticated encryption algorithms
  • Users control their Private keys ensuring Security and transparency
  • Multiple wallets can be integrated to a Single App
  • Multi language support with your App like French, Arabic, Chinese etc
  • Transaction History UI for both Users and Admins
  • Multi-Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator or Email OTP

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